HELP! i'm having issues with kazaa lite

when i open kazaa lite, it says “error unable to open C:\Documents and Settings\Cori\Application Data\Kazaa Lite\db\data1024.dbb”

since this error began to pop up, my downloads say failed instead of complete (even though they are actually complete). it also seems as though i am not sharing any files even though there are files in my shared folder.

help, please!


Do a simple reinstall; that should fix it.

[B]hey brother …why r using kazaa…?’s a bulshit application. too much spyware and addware come into ur pc with this…also consist spam.its better to not use p2p software…

Well actually, Kazaa Lite is a spyware free version of the original KMD.

Do a simple reinstall; that should fix it.

i’ve reinstalled it several times and i’ve still got that problem. thank you for your suggestion, though!


isnt kazaa lite a illegal hacked version of kazaa? google got ordered to remove it (HERE)

ben :slight_smile:

ps. kazaa lite doesnt contain any spyware/adware/mailware etc, thats why it is illegal, as normal Kazaa KMD users have to pay to get it without the spyware/adware/mailware etc. it also automaticly puts you participation rating upto 1000 this is also a service of the perimium (legal) kazaa. however i think its abit hypocrytical for kazaa to start bitching about copyright lol :wink:

ever heard of “first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye” sharmen networks :stuck_out_tongue:

try deleting that file?

I personally don’t see why you’re even using Kazaa when IRC and Usenet is so much easier and faster. But anyways, if reinstalling doesn’t work then try a different version.

If you want p2p, try eMule. Recently, the eDonkey2000 network, which eMule bases on, has outgrown the Fasttrack network (which KaZaA bases on). That means: more files, more sources for download (=higher dl speeds). And there are far less fake files and malware files on the ed2k network.

A bit of a pain in the a** to install if you have NAT routers or firewalls installed, but once installed, it’s GREAT!