Help I'm drowning!.. 4 burners & 8X media



Really I am drowning & about to go under!
I am drowning in data. :frowning:
I purchased two burners in desperation & 4 different sets of DVDRW media.

I feel like I got myself rather over my head on this one. Feel free to help generously & then inquire as to how I can repay the favour. This is somethign I need sorted I have a wide range of knowledge & skills & I am likely to be able to repay the favour somehow.

Are you clever enough to work this out I wonder:

The drives I have:
AOpen DUW1608/ARR [info by nero info tool]
Firmware Revision: A070 [upgraded to A110 or similar]
Buffer Size: 2MB
Date: 05-01-18 (18-01-05)
Serial No.: AB03 48609
Read Speed: 8x
Write Speed: 2.4x

NEC ND-3520A [stock firmware 1.04]
NEC AD-5170A [stock firmware 1.11RPC]
Pioneer DVR-111D [stock firmware don’t have version no.]

The media is recognised by nero DriveSpeed as:
Ricoh 8X DVD+RW, Blank Cap: 4.38GB
Manufacturer ID: RICOHJPN W21

Datawrite 8X DVD+RW, Blank Cap: 4.38GB
Manufacturer ID: RICOHJPN W21 (001)

RiDisc 8X DVD+RW, Blank Cap: 4.38GB
Manufacturer ID: RITEK 008 (000)

DATASAFE 8X DVD+RW, Blank Cap: 4.38GB
Manufacturer ID: RITEK 008 (000)

Where it all went sour
I installed the AOpen DUW1608/ARR in a Dell Dimension & ensured that the drive was set as cable-select exactly as the drive it replaced.

What was peculiar is that when I looked in hardware->Device manager it showed that the drive was working in PIO mode instead of DMA2.
I did however burn 4 discs in this manner: 3 Datawrites & 1 Ricoh.
All tested as ok in nero DriveSpeed on the NEC-ND3520 in another PC.

It would explain why it was burning the DVDRWs so slowly :slight_smile:
(The ones it would wite to at similarly s-l-o-w rate - about 45 minutes to an hour - were the Ricoh 8X DVD+RW & Datawrite 8X DVD+RW, the only media it would write to from those above).

Now having installed the AOpen into another machine I can not burn to any of the media listed above in nero. It fails at the point where it is going to format the media claiming it is invalid or something of the sort. :confused:

Am I going to be able to use this media on any of these drives at all?
If so will any of the drives burn to them at 8x?

I also have some 2.4x +DL & 8x +DL media, together with 16x +R media.
Which drive do I want to buy if I want to be able to use all those different type of discs as fast as possible?


The Pio 111D will burn the 8x Ricoh media very nicely at 8x. It’s the only burner I use for this particular media. Do make sure you’ve got the latest firmware (1.29) for it though.

The 3520 probably won’t burn at that speed as I don’t think it’s an 8x RW burner.

This Ricoh branded RW media seems to be high quality and on a par with Verbatim RW media as far as I can see. And it’s only the later burners that’ll cope with it I think.

For RW media I’d only ever use Verbatim or these Ricoh branded 8x discs. Ritek to me is a total no-no these days. Gone are the days when it was a reputable brand.