HELP! I'm almost there

Can anybody help me?, I am new to this, and I am almost there. I have been trying to copy a downloaded film onto a DVD-R disk using dvdSanta and must be doing something wrong, because when I have finished and put the disc in my player it judders and looses the sound, if I forward it on a bit it goes okay for a few seconds and then starts juddering again.
My santa settings are:-
Video… Standard NTSC… PAL Video Resolution… High (720x576)
Aspect Ratio… Full screen (4:3) Write Speed… Maximum
Maybe its something here thats set wrong, would be grateful for any help.
Ron Grant.

Sorry, forgot to mention, it is an Mpeg file that I have been trying to copy to a dvd disc, I am downloading an avi file now to see if this makes any difference.

Come on, somebody must be able to help with this one, from reading some of the other threads, there are some very clever people on this site.

Well what a load of crap, nobody with any info.
Anyway, just in case anybody has had he same problem I will tellyou how to sort it out , very easy.
Back soon.

Okay, I’m back, spent hours trying to sort this one out and used up a good few discs.

Downloaded a trial program for VSO and it worked a treat, sent off £22 or the complete version.

Money well spent.

Hope I get better luck on cdfreaks next time I get a problem.

Making some new friends along the way I see :iagree:

i’m sorry, i didn’t realize that master rang his bell or else i would’ve knelt in front of you immediately, awaiting your orders. :rolleyes: had it crossed your mind that maybe nobody had an answer to your question? also, you’re not exactly paying for this forum’s services, so nobody’s obligated to provide you with any help. think before you speak if you plan to ask for more advice in the future.

That says it all right there doesn’t it?


Watch your words, young man. If you stare the monitor out, it won’t start shaking.

I will give you a farewell advice, just to assist you realizing what is the outcome of missing classes at school.

The question leading to the road of wisdom:

If those who were asked for help are creeps, what is the person - who not knowing the answer - puts a question to creeps?