HELP! i'm a noob!

hi everyone,
i’m new at all this stuff so i wud really appreciate ur help!
i have a DVD that will only play in a certain region, a friend told me that i can put in a code on my DVD remote and it will play, but i cant find any websites that will give me a code for free! :stuck_out_tongue:
i have two players, one is a PS2 and the other is a RW philips DVD player,
can anyone help me??
thanks lots

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Not sure about the PS2 as I don’t have one, but search for the model number of your Philips on - that’s where I found the hacks to make my two Philips players multi-region.

Another option would be to make a backup of the disc with any newer DVD copy software, and remove any region restrictions completely from the backup :wink:

your other option is to get a action replay and put the ar in then after it loads put that in.

Though unless your absolute about watching it on tv you would be better to watxch it on your pc as ps’s lasers arnt quite as strong as DVD lasers and it will slowly break your ps.