Help, im a Noob

HI, I own an Philips 1660P1m and am using Nero 7 to burn DVD’s. I have been trying to burn my favorate TV show, Lost to DVD. I have alway sbeen able to burn 4 episodes per dvd before. But now, it always stops and freezes while transcoding the second episode of 4. I have tried burning diffrent versions of the same episodes, I have un installed and re installed Nero, I have updated my DVDR drivers. I have no problem burning anything else so far as a single movie on to a dvd, or burning mulipal avi’s to a dvd as data. I dont know if this is a hardware problem or software problem. I do notice that while its burning the first episode the dvd is running fine, but once Nero starts transcoding that second, it all stops. Please help! I have gone through more blank dvd’s than I care to remember.

  1. Have you upgraded your Nero 7 with the latest update?
  2. Are you using the latest Firmware for your drive?
  3. Always good to have a RW disc handy for testing till you solve the problem.
  4. Might be that file it stops on is corrupt.
  5. Are you using an 80 pin IDE cable?
  6. Is DMA turned on and showing under IDE controllers in device manager?
  7. BURN SLOWER-4x at first if possible.