HELP iDVD and Verbatim Printable Glossys

Hi all, I’ll make this short and sweet. First, thank you to everyone for sharing this info, it is very helpful.

Long story short. I use iDVD and the settings are in “professional mode qualit” and I have tried burn speeds from 1x to 16x, and I still get the same “type” of errors. My discs play PERFECT on almost every DVD player out there that I have tested on, HOWEVER almost every PC, including my mac HATES them. I’ll insert them, and they will randomly play mid disk… sometimes not even load, and even worse not even recognized as a video DVD, just audio and TS folders. I have also tried burning in the proper format in toast with the same issue. Could it be the disks? I am will to try anything as I look like an idiot to my clients when my DVD’s don’t play on their laptops. This happens on all windows platforms, and a variety of internal drives.

I use the Verbatim Data life Plus inket printable DVD-R White, Glossy Made in Taiwan product# 95241.

Thank you in advance, I am not worried about spending good money on the right disks… but I need them to work in computer drives and standalone DVD players. My only requirment is that I can print on them with my injket printer.~! thanks!:disagree:

I have had the same problem with Verbatim discs in the past. Try Taiyo Yuden Glossy. They are great and I have had no problems since switching to them.
Make sure to do a discscan using Nero Dvd scan or any other program you may like.
On Nero, after the scan, if all lines are green, you are good to go.
I buy them at, but I’m sure there are other companies that have them at similar prices ( 50 for $29.99)
Good luck.

My last batch of TY Watershield 16X had several returns. I copied the replacements at 8X and there were no more problems. Perhaps copying at 12X would do also. BTW, TY now will appear as JVC!