Help identifying possible Taiyo Yuden media

Hi there,

I stumbled accross an online blank media store in New Zealand that might potentially be selling Taiyo Yuden blank cd-rs.

The store has a small picture of what the spindle looks like and a brief description, but I have no experience identifying a potential TY disc.

I have emailed them, twice, asking if they can give me more information. Specifically if they actually know the discs are TY manufactured, or at least tell me what the “Made In…” label says.

Anyway, here are the spindle pictures and a brief description. If there is somebody who can look at the pic+description and say “yup, those discs should be TY!”, I would much appreciate the help!

Verbatim 700mb 25 pack Spindle
Branded Datalife 48x compatible recordable disc in a 25 pack Spindle

Verbatim 700mb 50 pk Spindle - Unbranded
Unbranded White inkjet printable surface. Datalife 24x compatible recordable discs

Verbatim 700mb 50pk Spindle - Unbranded
Unbranded silver thermal Datalife Plus 48x compatible recordable discs. Plain silver on both sides.

Verbatim 700mb 50pk Spindle
Datalife Plus 52x Super Azo branded discs in 50pk Spindle

I still haven’t received a reply from the store regarding my question of “Made In …” information on the discs, but if someone here can say “Those look like TY discs if the label is Made in Japan”, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Verbatim constantly change their manufacturer, so those pictures may have been taken from old batches of the media. You’re probably best to wait for them to respond by e-mail.

Got a reply. All seem to be “Made in Taiwan”
so… bleh

looks like I can’t get TY cd-rs anywhere in NZ

I found an online store in aussie that has TY media
they don’t ship to NZ, so gonna have to get a friend from aussie to buy it then send it to me

so much hassle :>

Originally posted by Trigger

looks like I can’t get TY cd-rs anywhere in NZ

Don’t give up so easily, lol. Search for Plextor/ Verbatim Pastels CDRs - those definitely are TY.

Disc Type = CDR (A+)
Lead In = 97:24:01
Lead Out = 79:59:72
Nominal = 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f/LBA:359847)
Manufacturer = Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Cur. Speed = Wrt(52X), Rd(12X)