Help Identifying DVD-R



Hi. Someone sold me a bootleg on Amazon. Although I knew the movie was a bootleg since it wasn’t released on DVD, I’m curious how the bottom doesn’t look like my other burned DVDs that have the purplish tint. This one looks silver like a normal DVD, but the top is one of those blank white inkjet tops. I couldn’t find anything with DVD Identifier, so wondering if anyone here would know. All I can see on the bottom is

CMDR47C CFMWM03-0007 A414


Sounds like a disc made by CMC Magnetics. I am unaware of any of their products which may look like a pressed DVD. And you say DVD Identifier couldn’t tell you anything?


Yeah, DVD Identifier didn’t say anything, similar to when you put a real DVD in there. The only reason besides the top that I assume it’s burned is because you can see a slight change in color tone for the outer ring compared to the inner one, similar to how the purple ones are, just with a silver color instead. I put it in IMG Burn too, it just says it’s a DVD-ROM book type.


They are from China, so maybe it really is pressed. I just find it strange the change in color tone on the bottom. I can’t seem to find any of that on my real DVDs, only the burned ones.