Help...I tried to make a back up copy of game

Help…I tried to make a back up copy of game so that I may preserve my
as keepsake while using the newly generated one to initiate game

It was “successfully” created with CloneCD. I was able to install the newly
made backup disk successfully onto my system, unfortunately…

UNFORTUNATELY, when it comes time to actual play the game, it was
NOT possible whatsoever with the following message prompt:

I have “eject[ed] and re-insert[ed] the CD-ROM, select OK and restart
…and again…

(1) What am I doing wrong?
(2) Is there a better program out there?

Any special protections on that game?
Also Alcohol is a very good app.
Anyway i’d recommend you to have a look at this

[B]Sorry (newbie question)…how do you determine whether a CD gaming
software is protected?[/B] And secondly, what do you do when you know that it’s protected?

Game Version:
Developer: Headgate Studios
Publisher: EA Sports
Region of Origin: US Retail
CD(s): 3CD
Copy Protection: SafeDisc 4.50.000 + serial no., Only CD3 is protected

Game Title: Syberia 2
Game Version: N/A
Game Producer: MC2
Region of Origin: Germany
Copy Protection: StarForce Professional

[B]If I was able to make a personal backup copy of the game using CloneCD,
does that not necessary by default overide any copy protection thing?? [/B]

Here’s the thing, I was able to make backup copies of EA sports NHL 2004,
Backyard Football and Backyard Skateboarding.

Loading the games using the newly made backup copies onto my computer
works just fine, both backyard football and backyard skateboarding actually
doesn’t require the cd to run (but am making a backup copy so that I can
preserve the original).

[B]HOWEVER[/B], with EA sports NHL 2004, I successfully loaded/installed it
onto my computer. But when it comes to actually playing the game using the
backup copy, [B]it doesn’t work and I get the following message:[/B]

[B]USING the original store bought one, I am able to run the game perfectly.
SO I AM A BIT CONFUSED HERE[/B] :confused: :confused:

Here are a list of games that I recently purchased (I’m also a newbie to the
PC gaming world). For one thing they were not expensive.

  1. [B]World of EA Sports[/B]: includes 5 games: roughly $8.00 TOTAL good deal :smiley:
    EA sports NHL 2004
    EA sports Madden NFL 2004
    EA sports NBA LIVE 2004
    EA sports Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2004
    EA sports NASCAR Thunder 2004

  2. [B]Backyard Sports[/B]
    Backyard Football 2006
    Backyard Skateboarding 2006
    Backyard Basketball 2004 - just ordered and it’s on its way!

  3. [B]Mall Tycoon 3[/B] - got it down at Target for $4.95 (good deal!!! :smiley: )

With Aray scanner or clonyxxl for example. Have you tried to make an image save it on your hd and mount it with deamon tools?

Sorry for being such a newbie, but haven’t tried the Deamon tools. Read
some reviews and one person specifically stated that it only allows four
virtual drives. I’m guessing that only allows four games to be installed on your
harddrive without the need to use the actual gaming cds.

Daemon Tools…Cnet

I was actually hoping to be able to use the newly generated backup copies
that I made, any ideas why I keep getting:

[B]Are there any ways to circumvent this? [/B]

[I]Don’t have to read this italic section if you don’t want:
I actually found something down at Circuitcity a few days ago at a
discounted $12.99 price tag (GAME DRIVE) that allows 25 virtual drives. The
packaged seemed like a returned package, so I specifically requested for
another in-store copy (even if it may cost more).

No Luck. Last copy, and the clerk suggested that if I wanted it, open it up
and ensure all proper items are included. Guess what, the darn cd-rom was
missing from the package…what good is that going to do me?[/I]

I will give the CLONYXXL a shot, but in the meantime I did get a response
from CloneCD’s customer service,

[I]If a game CD doesn’t play although it was copied using the “Protected
PC Game” settings, the Tray Tool set to active and "Hide CDR media"
enabled, the game protection cannot be copied by CloneCD.

Maybe you’ll find a no CD patch at or or[/I]

[B]SO, THE QUESTION BECOMES: How do I go about executing the following “Hide CDR media”?[/B]

I also found the following webPAGE that contains information that a total
newbie may need while already veterans and seasoned players may not, but
doesn’t hurt to look.

I also did give ALCOHOL 120% a shot on the EA sports game and am still
having extreme difficulties, maybe someone can give me some advice on
appropriate steps.

Copying games is tricky. Make sure you are using the most recent version of the software. Make sure you are selecting the proper protection scheme you are trying to copy (you can find out game to game by googling), the best cd copies are made by CDRW drives. Not all drives are good copiers. Some are better than others. So far my Khypermedia 52x CDRW has copied every game I’ve tried, including doom3. My DVD drives have copied some games well, but not all. One I copied on my Pioneer A07, can only be read by my A07, and no other drive. Even my Plextor PX716 doesn’t copy games as well as my CDRW drive. If you do some searching, you can find a recommended list of drives that work well for copying. But you may still run into some games that this just won’t work on. Check the copy protection forum and you should get a good idea of what should work and what won’t work.

I too get the same message about putting the cd in again.

BUT the CD I burn plays and works in just a DVD player but NO burners. I can play all day if I put my burned CD in my DVD player but as soon as I try using it in a burner I get that message.

Can’t figure this out either.


What is the problem to use the original then?
It was produced to be used…

I just reinstalled the game and noticed small cracking around the center hole. This is an old game and CD. The Disk 1 has to be in to play the game. So I can back it up now if I can or possible sometime in the future loose the disk or drive to my CD exploding.


RE: Shortcake do not buy that virtual drive program. Daemon Tools does the same thing and probably better. Yes, you will only have 4 virtual drives but you’re only going to be playing one game at a time. when you want to play one game, un-mount one image and mount another.