Help, I think SP2 for XP hosed my driver



I have a liteon JLMS XJ-HD166S on a 2GHz Athlon machine running XP home edition. Herein lies my problem. Autoscan loaded SP2 for XP on my machine and changed my locale setting for my drive. No problem I fixed that, and there is still one more change available for the drive. It now shows correctly that it is in location 1.

My problem however is that I cannot read several DVD’s, namely The SIM’s2. My kid just bought the game and can’t load it. When I put the disk in the DVD ROM drive the autorun never starts, and if I try to start it manually it keeps asking me to install a disk. I also have Pinnacle Studio 9 installed on the machine and I’m wondering if I should remove the Pinnacle driver?

Does anyone know if there is a simple solution to getting this DVD ROM to read disks? If not, I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and get another DVD drive to install in this machine. I really wish that all these software games would run on Solaris or LINUX, I am really getting sick of Gatesware.