Help! I think my sony burner is dead

Ok, I upgraded the firmware on my Sony Dru-510A burner, but I did the wrong firmware now my led blinks non stop and the eject button does not work. Then it started to register as sony boot and then it let my upgrade it the current firmware, now, my led light is constantly on and the eject button does not work and it wont even register in my computer that I have this drive hooked in…I have tried everything, I have even tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and then the led light starts blinking again…Is there anyway to fix my sony drive or to restore my sony drive to get that firmware out of there or something…please help :sad:

if not mistaken there is a dos flash that might save your drive. will it flash from windows?

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This is a true Sony drive that can’t be flashed with anything else then Sony .exe firmware, link.
Sorry. :sad:

Time to look around for a new drive.