Help.. I think my LiteON drive is dying

I have a Lite-ON 1673S(that’s been flashed to 1693S long time ago) it’s been an awesome device and I been quite happy with it for many years till now.

All of a sudden it stopped reading disks… It doesn’t even respond when I select “properties”.

I am by far not a pro, but I know enough about computers to guarantee 100% that I changed NOTHING in my system recently both hardware and software wise.

Prior to this “problem” my dvd drive has been acting funny for quite a long time… The CD tray would only come out half way with the CD stuck inside… Sometimes it would come out, but then go back in by itself! I thought maybe it’s dust, so I blew cold air in there with a blow dryer. Nothing helped so I just ignored all problems. About 2 months ago, the tray problems stopped, and everything seemed fine when all of a sudden the drive stopped responding completely.

I cant see how it could possibly break, because I’ve been using a much older Lite-On model on another computer for 6 years, and it still works for the person I sold it to.

When I try to read disks I get this error: “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”

Microsoft suggests to set transfer mode to PIO only, but I see no reason to do that since it worked all these years on “auto”. Therefore this is clearly not the solution for me.
What is going on? any ideas?

I cant really afford a new DVD drive right now, and I don’t even want another one, since this one is one of the best I ever had. Off course I’ll bite the bullet and shell out $50 on a new drive if I absolutely have to, but I’ll feel dumb if I’ll get a new drive just to get the same error again.

Latest Update: Drive started working again but it would only work about 10 minutes after each reboot. After that it would die and remain dead until the next reboot. After a while it completely died again… At this point it wont even work after a reboot. I have a DEAD drive on my hands.

I tried using a differnt free molex from the PSU - that did nothing.
Tried checking the IDE cable. Unplugged, plugged back in. NOTHING.

IDE cable cant be faulty because it is brand new(came with my mobo) It worked with my drive just fine after I built my new system several months ago till now. My whole system is brand new I only migrated my sound card and my DVD writer.

Since I cant edit my post, I will have to add some details.

I noticed that my drive is listed as SCSI under device manager. It is NOT a SCSI drive… Maybe that’s the culprit? How do I change that?

Also, in case I will have to buy a new DVD burner, which is the best LiteON I can get on newegg for $50 or less? My old drive was exceptionally good at backing up protected media, and could read just about any crappy old disk I threw at it. The new one must be at least as good.

Try uninstalling the drive in Device Manager and reboot which will have Windows reinstall, hopefully correctly as IDE drive.

I did that, but after the reboot windows asks for a floppy disk with the jraid.sys which I don’t have off course. I don’t even have a floppy.

All I got is the CD disk that came with my gigabyte mobo, and when I reinstalled the RAID drivers from CD rom, the drive became SCSI yet again…

I have this feeling that the Litey doesn’t like being run in SATA/RAID mode. A lot of burners don’t.

I set mine to IDE mode in the BIOS before reinstalling XP on this Dell (which came with Vista).

Edit: possibly that’s not the problem though since you’d have noticed something was wrong when you built your new system, I’d imagine.

If you aren’t using a Microsoft driver, XP (all flavors of NT actually) calls it SCSI. That’s okay, it’s only significance is the driver isn’t from MS.

The Microsoft drivers seem to always work, but some third party drivers have problems. As yours worked in the past I guess it’s not a driver problem. There’s probably no Microsoft driver for your hardware.

Darned RAID. I hate it more every day. Still if it has good firmware and a good driver that support optical drives, it can work. Of course it isn’t actually using RAID in this case but sometimes it’s called a RAID driver.

My SATA burner is using what XP calls “Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller”. Go figure.

Oh yeah, if nobody mentioned it, optical drives do die. Some say the newer ones don’t last as long as the old ones.

A good test is to try the drive in another computer.

Yes, you are right… I probably would have noticed it when I built a new system. That’s the thing, it worked just fine then…

Guess the only thing I can do is buy a new one at this point.

I cant decide between Lite-ON LH-20A1S, and Samsung SH-S182D/BEBE.

I’m leaning toward Lite-On simply because I’m a Litey fan, this drive is a faster writer than the Samsung and because Lite-On has a large fan base/support here on the forum.

The Samsung on the other hand, is a 2x winner of the Customer Choice award on egg, supports Mt. Rainier, has a pretty good review here, is a 2 sheep burner(I don’t know if 20A1S is good at backups) and costs cheaper…

Help me decide please? I’m planning to keep this thing until HD DVD/Blu Ray becomes a standard or until the drive will die, so naturally I want the best I can have for $50 or less.

They tell me that software used for ripping protected movies can do strange things to your drive if not configured properly. Alcohol, AnyDVD, etc.