Help - I think I screwed up my 500A :(

I had DLed the 1.0g firmware. I thought I had done everything right in order to do the update. When I went to do the update it told me to do a reboot which went fine, When I clicked on the “Start Update” button it reminded me that I still had an audio cd in the drive. :frowning: I am running Win XP. All of the buttons work except now when I click on the “Start Update” button all it does show that hit has been clicked. In the Windows Task Manager says that the status is running but it doesn’t update. I have also tried updating with the 1.0f and 2.0e firmware. I did notice that html that came with the 1.0g update is in Japanese. I am not sure if that makes a difference. :confused:

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Edit for more info/clearify.

It seem that it was the “Intel Application Accelerator” all fixed