Help! I think I just killed my CD drives


I’ve been having some problems with my Sony CRX 220E1 for awhile now. It has a tendancy to lock up in the middle of burning… didn’t used to have that problem, but rather than going through the trouble of getting a new one, I looked to the internet. Finding out that many people were having better success using the Lite-On firmware for the Sony drives, I figured I’d try that.

Well I got the v6S0A from this site, which was recommended by someone for this drive, and mtkwinflash, also from this site. When I booted up mtk, I at first tried the ATAPI part of the program. This just sat in an endless screen of querying and then had no drives for me to select. So I went back and selected the IDE part of the program. My IDE configuration is something like this:

Primary IDE: 2 hard drives

Secondary IDE
Master - Pioneer DVD-ROM 105
Slave - Sony CDRW CRX220E1
(actually the jumper settings are on channel select)

So I selected to flash to the Secondary Slave. Well right when the program started, it gave some error, then MTKFlash crashed. I don’t think it even started flashing the BIOS.

The drives still show up in the BIOS, but not in Windows. Under Device Manager, both drives are listed as disabled. Where did I screw up?

And more importantly, PLEASE tell me how I can at least get functionality of my drives back??

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Delete the IDE/ATAPI Controller in Device Manager and restart.

Ah, that worked, thanks a lot!

I also think I found why I had an error in the first place… I have an nForce chipset MB with the new nVidia IDE driver installed. Apparently MTKwinflash doesn’t work with the new nvidia IDE driver.

It does work for me. The problem is that the software disables all devices before it flashes, and if the flash does not complete, then they remain disabled.

OK I still can’t get the flash to work. I am receiving some kind of “input file mismatched” error. This is after changing my IDE driver to the standard Windows driver that comes with XP.

Any ideas? Should I just try the pure DOS version of mtxflash?

Yes… try the dos mode flash

Boot with a win98/ME startup floppy, and choose the
Shift-F5 option - command prompt only

You don’t want any drivers loading.

Also, recommend setting the Slave jumper on the Sony, instead
of leaving it cable select. It shouldn’t matter, but why take
the chance.

Also try the newer 1.80 MTKFlash