Help! I think I broke it!

I have a lite-on 812S, which I misflashed with a 1633S firmware. :confused: Halfway thru, I realized my mistake and stopped the flashing by turning my system off. Upon restarting, it froze my system before it got to the motherboard logo and would not move. I then had to unplug the offending drive and reset the bios. How do I get it to work again? Or have I ruined it forever? I have read and reread the posts concerning the matter, but I guess I am just too dense for my own good, as I dont really understand EXACTLY what to do, with which programs, in what order, etc. Any help would be truly appreciated, really knowledgeable help would be a Godsend. :bow: :bow: :bow: Thanks for everything in advance, Mike.

Welcome ozz777

  1. Grab MTK WinFlash (For M$ Windows)

or MTKFlash (For DOS, some version may not work on some drive)

  1. Grab the correct firmware in BIN format

  2. DOS: Boot up your system using dos boot disk
    Use MTKFlash to flush the correct firmware into your drive (You must use the correct IDE port)
    Windows: Simply select the correct IDE port and load the BIN firmware

Please make sure that you select the correct IDE port, or you will damage your other CD/DVD Drive, or even Harddisk (Not sure).

@abalone & ozz777
NEVER try MtkWinFlash with a DVD-Writer! it will render the drive useless!

when flashing with MtkFlash in DOS mode, you have to hold the eject button of the drive for about 5secs till the led flashes, so the drive can be recognized and flashed correctly.


Thanks for your reminding :bow:

You just save me and ozz777’s DVDRW Drive

MTK WinFlash can be used for DVDROM Drive, but not DVDRW Drive.

thank you both for your help. as soon as I get back home I will try what you suggest.