Help i screwed up a dvd flash



i screwed up i tryed to flash my nec nd-1300a dvd + - drive was firmware 1.5 but the flash did not take now i have a nec dvd_rw-1100a it is saying it is a cd rom drive firmware 0.05 is there any thing i can do or do i have a trash collector please be kind i am new and stupid :sad:


Reflash it in DOS using either the official DOS flasher from NEC’s German site, or by using the DOS flasher found here: along with a binary firmware file.


could you be a little more simple i can put the files on 3 1/2 floppy what do i do then i am lost :bow:


See your thread here. The instructions linked to include instructions for creating a boot disk which you can use to get into DOS.


i make a disk but allit does is flash on the screen i cannot keep it open


I would recommend asking a friend who is good with computers to assist you in this procedure. This is no simple task and you already misflashed once.

Once you have a bootdisk you can configure your computer to boot from it to get you into DOS where you can then flash the drive.

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sorry i just cannot get into dos


This reference might help you: