Help: I/O Magic 16x BENQ drive died after 2 weeks. what gives?

i’ve had an I/O 16x dual-layer burner (BENQ) for about 2 weeks now. i was trying to record a DVD yesterday, and it wouldn’t do anything. the drive just locked up. so i ejected the disk, and it had a fogged-over spot abou the size of a dime on it. the spot wiped off, but it had a burnt smell to it. so i tired inserting another disk (CD-R w/ data on it), and the drive just made a clicking noise and wouldn’t identify the disk. now all it does when i power it up is click-click-click, then nothing.

i’m assuming this problem is mechanical, but i need help. has anyone experienced this, and is it solveable? i got the drive on ebay, but it was brand new, unopened (bought from a private seller, not an online retailer), so warranty is out. any help would be appreciated.

i’m running windows xp sp2, and the nero oem software that came w/ the drive.

Something exploded inside the burner. It’s usually related to the power module. You gambled (save a few $ but no warranty) and you lost. It’s cheaper to buy a new drive. I examined the BenQ 1620 vs the NEC 3500A and went with the NEC. Also got a special deal after rebate. $31 with a 50 pack of 8X Fuji/Taiyo Yuden -R media.

Have read a few horror stories with Fleabay. I will never touch Fleabay electronic stuffs.

well, it has it’s ups and down. definitely had more good exp. w/ ebay than bad. but not this time. oh well, thanks for the feedback.