Help!i need unscramble 1633-firmware-bsos

it is the first time to this famous forum.:slight_smile:
i have met a big 1633 writer is i am going to flash the firmware to 1633-bsos.i need to flash it with mtkflash in dos.but i have no unscramble 1633-firmware-bsos,and i can not get from the
because it is down me! can anyone do me the fav to send me the unscramble 1633-firmware-bsos!!
my thanks a lot!!

reply myself. i really need this firmware ,can anyone help me?

all the FW at Codeguys are unscrambled. Just get the stock one!
edit: What you mean they are down??? its working for me.

@ leejq77

Check mailbox. Good luck. BTW, I have access to CodeGuys site too!


thanks all friend!i really can not access to codeguys site here!perhaps i caused by my govenment.i am in china now.

Leo,i have received your mail.i am very much appreciate your help!

@ leejq77

Check mailbox again. Same firmware, patched with “Fix dead drive blink/Enable crossflashing”. If you have more drives, be sure to flash the right one! Give it a try, hope it works.

:smiley: Leo