Help i need to buy a dvd/rw for my dell inspiron 6400

i phoned up dell spoke to every department, it seems they are useless idiots that cannot for the sake of any reasoning explain to me what kind of drive i can install.

i asked them to atleast tell me what kind of drive connection it has they have no idea, its really a mockery of any kind of manufacturer to not know what the hell they have in their laptops.

please could somebody URGENTLY help.

i mean id like to install a reasonably priced internal model. please help :rolleyes:


the support is so bad i dont know what or how to find out even what motherboard it has cos they are absolutely useless.

thanks in advance.

p.s. i bought my relative a same model laptop but i dont even know if the connections are even the same. his one has a built in model Sony NEC Optiarc AD-5540A.