Help i is an idiot ps2 copying with clonecd

So i am led to believe by what i have read that clonecd will copy my ps2 games 1:1 so this means i dont need a mod chip as the copy is a 1:1 not just a fakey

Is this true

My hardware is 100% compliant to writting subchannel 96 data and can burn 1:1 copies of this

I was led to believe PS2 uses Libcrypt as a method of copy protection
Whitch is absolutly worhtless when you can read and write suchannel 96 data

SO WHY DONT THEY WORK shittttttt and what the hell does a mod chip do that a 1:1 copy cant


if Clonecd cant do 1:1 copys of Libcrypt disks why do they say it can?
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: if i need a chip to use a clonecd disk its not 1:1 :frowning: :frowning:

Forgot to mention i live in Australia my unit cost 300 and games cost around 100 each so i would like to keep them for a while and not have my new ps2 messed with

No, you still need a modchip. CloneCD will copy the libcrypt protection, but it cannot copy the bootsectors that allow all psx games to boot.


Thanks for the reply

Ok then so next question would as you could guess

How do i copy Bootsectors

I also have a copy of The sony cd mastering software thats floating around For playstation2 games

I was reading a post that said you can actually patch your image so it will boot so long as it is burnt with the Sony mastering app
You also need to have a lot of information about the original disk so you can fill in relavent fiels such as The disk name producer name and so on MUST BE SAME AS ORIGINAL

But hay i lost the link

I do believe that these games can be copied 1:1 still
Also is there any physical differance between the blank media we buy and the media sony would

um i was wondering if you could gimme a link to the mastering software, now you said you lost the link. look in the “about” section of that software (usually “Help>about___”) as this would be great help to me

CLONECD will only backup cd based ps2 games for dvd you will have to use something else (alcohol,dvd decryptor,nero,recordnow etc) …
And you will still need a modchip or some other boot method to play the backups…

The software was from bearshare
It is a sony product
Sony CD_DVD-ROM Generator 1.50

I in no way condone piracy or theft of other peoples products

Ok as for booting

When i view System file on a ps2 disk i woul get the impression that it is a dos commmand like this

BOOT = cdrom:\SCES_009.67;1
TCB = 4
EVENT = 16
STACK = 801FFFF0 Just looks like a .ini file

So my question is WHATS NOT BEING COPIED and why

And what cant i see

Cmon guys its just a disk it can be copied and be played with a chip
What does the chip do that a nerd cant

I really need some more advice on this subject

I think the bootsectors are “bad sectors” that need special hardware to copy.

See for more details

humm … the first part of a ps2 game is the boot section … NO ITS NOT BAD SECTORS … totaly wrong …
a copy of a ps2 game 1:1 is a copy yes … but the problem is … real games arent burned they are “printed” if you buy a sony “fast printer” you can copy games like original and since you cant the ps2 sees that and sees that you miss some bytes (boot section) thats hidden for the eye of a lazer :wink:

i got 370psx games and 100 ps2 games and i done alot of “research” about how ps2 games are coded

If i recall right the bad sectors are mastered onto the part of the game that would require special machines to reproduce, or in other words, you would have to be able to get a hold of a machine that sony uses to make ps2 games…mod chip is so much easier