Help! I have a problem recording



Ok, i need help again. I lost my instruction guide and i am having a problem. I put in a blank disk and the machine formatted it. Then i went and set my timer to record two hours of tv, i set the disc speed for six hours. That was no problem i came home checked the disk did not finalize it and it was fine.

The next night, i set the timer to record two hours again, again speed set at 6 hours. When i came home and tried to check the disc it was all messed up, it told me invalid disc and the whole thing was garbage

So what i need to know is how do i use a disc to record more than one time, meaning if i use it one night how do i use it on day two, i did something wrong and dont know what it is.

Help, anybody please


Common problem of a recorder unable to read unfinalized discs after the disc has been ejected. Reasons could be: Bad media, dirty laser lens, drive about to go bad.

Please include more information when you post: Model Number, Firmware version, Media Brand or ID


I had the same problem so I started using +RW media and that took care of the problem.