Help: I have 2 px-750a 1.03 slow burn

I have a P4 1.8 GHZ 512k Ram. Windows XP SP2.

I am using Nero 7 Premium.

When I burning 1 DVD I get 6 - 9 mins per dvd. and I did this on both drives. but when I burn both drives at the same time the burning time 45 to 60 mins?

Can anyone tell me why?


A Nero log would help, but at a guess you might be running out of system resources such as RAM and disk space for the buffers that are needed to ensure a steady flow of data across to the drives. IIRC Nero Premium tends to reserve an excessive amount of RAM for these buffers.

Are both these drives internal IDE, or is one of them external USB?

Both are internal IDE. I was thinking I was running out of ram too. But not sure. I have 2 80gig maxtors Hard drives on the system also. here is the log. I think this it the right log.

Your system is too slow for that operation.

What would be a good specs to have to be able to run 2 to 4 drives dvd-r…

or what would I half todo to get this system upgraded so I can burn the 2 drives at the same time?

I looked into P4 3.03 ghz. with 1 gig of ram.

As a start, at least 2 extra ide controllers which are optical drives suitable and also some RAIDed HDDs.