Help! I get movie with commentaries only!


First time poster. I have tried to search for my answer at the FAQ but can’t find it.

I have both ANY DVD and CLONEDVD2 and upgrade frequently.

I copy most movies without any problems at all using this software, but I have had two movies in which I have not been able get a good functional movie. The movies are Memoirs of a Geisha, and The Downfall (Hitler’s downfall movie).

In both movies I did the same as in all my movies, using the above programs. The prosess went easily without any trouble until I decided to watch them. To my frustration both movies showed perfectly except that the whole movie was the director’s commentaries version. I went to the DVD menu and turned off the directors commentaries several times but It kept coming back and I am stuck with a movie with commentaries but can’t actually enjoy the movie…

I have tried using ANY DVD and CLONE DVD2 as I do with other movies by copying the original movie using both the copy DVD tile only and the whole titles and menus but at the end after an apparent successful process the movie again turns out with director’s commentaries.

I am doing something wrong or is this a new copy protection which has not been deciphered yet?

@ gachupin

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I can assure you that in no way is erroneously selecting the Directory Commentary during making a backup copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Title a new copy protection scheme employed by the Commercial DVD Movie Title manufactures.

The topic on how to identify and determine the DVD Audio streams has been discussed in great detail in numerous Forum postings. Suggest that you acquaint yourself with magic Forum Search button located on the top of each Forum page. Using Forum Search feature you will be able to acquire a wealth of Forum knowledge.

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting that addresses how to identify and determine the audio streams contained on Commercial DVD Movie Titles. Refer to posting #6 comments.

Also suggest reviewing the AnyDVD-CloneDVD User Tutorial, which provides detailed information on the use of the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs.

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I had the same problem with “Downfall”, just commentaries but "Memoirs of Geisha " copied just fine.
For Downfall I ended up using DVDShrink and Imgburn instead and it worked out great.Takes a bit longer though…
Good luck!

@ f12x,

Suggest reading my posting comments #2 posting in this thread and read the referenced Forum thread concerning how to how to identify and determine the audio streams contained on Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

This information is pertinent to any backup up coping software program. To avoid the possibility of inadvertently selecting the incorrect audio streams it is prudent to sample the Commercial DVD Movie Titles audio tracks. The referenced Forum thread details how to correctly identify and determine the audio streams contained on Commercial DVD Movie Title.

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Thank you guys !! :bow:

The information and links were great .I will be on the look out of these audio details.

Thanks again