HELP! I erased all my songs on my computer



I accidently erased all my songs on my computer. I was wondering is there a way I can recover them from my iTunes??? Sucks if I have to redo it all! Thanks!


do you mead ipod? if so, copy the 50 “F” folders to your HDD start Itunes and add all the files… It will arrange them back into artist folders again

Alternatively MLipod is pretty good (a winamp ipod plugin)



If you do mean on your PC then you will have to probably buy a Data recovery program and install that (preferably on a different drive) the simple answer is there is no guarantee that the data can be recovered, but the less you do and the less you install the better.



Well, you can really give Active@ Undelete a try. It has some great recover methods that worked perfect for me. Recovery tool Number One.


Thanks! I’ll keep this in mind if it ever happens to me again.


you can try File Scavenger


this thread is 2 months old im sure he got it sorted alredy


Unfortunately I never got my music back.

Thanks fo the help…it may come in handy in the future.


heres some other things that may come handy

  1. use backup software i recommend super flexible file synchronizer & genie backup manager , its best to backup to another hard drive and not to another partition on same hard drive cuz if your backing up to another partition on same hard drive if it will die its all gone

  2. never do defrag or put/install new files to the partition you wanna recover data from also when recovering do not save the data to the same partition it was recovered from and if the data you wanna recover is on the operating system partition turn pc off and plug the hard drive to another pc (that have another hard drive with os) various softwares create temp files on the os partition so putin in another pc for recovery purposes is best unless the data recovery software is able to create a bootable floppy or cd , those temp files may overwrite the data you wanna recover

  3. the best data recovery softwares are data rescue pc & easy recovery pro but the price of erp is just insane


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File Scavenger worked for me . . . I was able to rebuild a disk array and recover a bunch of lost data.