Help! i don't understand blu-ray disc

i have just got the lg blu ray player and burner i already have the lg blu-ray player but my question is i used the slysoft and imgburn to place a back up of fantastic4 on hdd it is about 48gbs now somewhere i read of people putting two or three movies on a disc i don’t know how they did that if the norm blank bd disc is 25gbs it i was to put this on a disc it would take two so question one is it a way to compress the 48gbs to fit on a 25 or do i just buy 50gbs disc. question 2 where do i find good but cheep 50gbs disc i use to get ads from cd freaks forum sent to me about deals but have not received any latley thanks for the read and any help

[quote=spboyd1;2169717]question one is it a way to compress the 48gbs to fit on a 25 or do i just buy 50gbs disc. [/quote]Currently a tool called “ripbot” is recommended by our members. It will take a substantial time to convert (4-6 hours on dual core) but I haven’t try it though. Another way is to take only the main movie and see if it will fit 25GB media. Most new releases won’t especially if they are around 2 hours movie and if you keep the hi-def sound.

question 2 where do i find good but cheep 50gbs disc
Ebay or wait for the group order to kick in.

I don’t believe Ripbot264 has an output setting larger than 8150mb using 2-pass encoding. So I’m not sure it has enough fine control for compressing 48gb to just under 25gb as the original poster wants to do. If there are controls for this in the program, I’d honestly like to know about them.

He might have to use MeGui for encoding and tsMuxeR to go to blu ray format. This is for a main movie backup.

Or learn to do command line encoding with the X264 encoder.

are most blu ray movies over 25 gig per disc? If so is it worth it just to wait until 50 gig come down in price if my only goal is to burn?

From what I’ve heard, many blu ray movies are over 25gb, but that includes extras, redundant audio tracks, foreign language tracks and subtitles. If you just want the main movie, you can extract them and sometimes come in under that 25gb size…it really varies a lot so its hard to give any more specific comments on the resulting size.

How long are you willing to wait for price reductions? The 50gb disks are pretty darn high right now.

yeah i just looked at the prices and wow just don’t say enough. as a matter of fact the 25gb aren’t that low either i looked at the ebay store and the cheapest were about $6. us so if you think about it you can find some of the blu-ray movies for $15. and to back up additional $6
that makes $21us dollars for a cheep one

The best price I have found is 15 pack of memorx for 79.99. Google 15 pack blu ray and it pops up.