Help! I don't know if I'm A08XLA or 108 1.14?

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Listen, the packaging on my Pioneer DVD/CD Writer says it’s a DVR-A08XLA

TWO “drive info” programs tell me that it’s a A108 1.14

When I use DVRFlash2 to flash it, it tells me it’s an A08XLA drive and the flashing has been cancelled … ??

I’m confused as all hell … can somebody help me, please?

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Go to the official PIONEER site and compare your drive with those advertised there.

If DVRFlash reports PIO_ADV for the kernel then it’s an XL drive anyway.

I went to the Pioneer site and tried to use the upgrade and it said I already had the proper version or something?

If your drive’s faceplate looks like the one below, then you have an XL drive. The color might also be white.

If your drive’s faceplate looks like this one below, then you do not have an XL drive.

There are other ways to check, but this is by far the easiest. Of course it is possible that there are exceptions, but they would be very rare.

i don’t have a pioneer but i just peeked in here and i must say i really like that XL faceplate. carry on… :bigsmile:

Hey, thanks for the help.

I have an XL (like the packaging says), BUT …

my drive info programs BOTH tell me that I have a DVR-108, firmware version 1.14?

So this is the firmware I downloaded and TRIED to flash with DVRFlash2, but DVRFlash2 told me I had an XL and that flashing my drive with DVR-108 could damage it.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do?

Do I use a different flasher program and flash my XL drive with a 108 or flash it with the A08XLA? I’m confused because the faceplate looks like an XL, the box it came in SAYS it’s an XL, but the disc info programs are telling me its a 108, but I can’t flash it with a 108 …



I believe all 108’s are shown as DVR-108 including XL models.

Xl models have other features, so if you flash it with a firmware not for XL’s you will lose all these features (or you may damage drive ?)


genius, you have an XL, as Bjproc said, all 108 drives are presented as DVR-108 through the OS/software, but the drives are infact different. You need to flash with the XL firmware, and NOT the standard DVR-108 firmware.