Help!I dont know how to turn off the write protection on my DVD RAM using Panasonic DMR-EH55

Hi all

I’ve been using DVD-RAM to copy my movies and have been re-using the DVD-RAM by formatting the DVd.

I must have accidentally turned on the write protection function when I copied my movies last time. When I tried to format the DVDRAm again, there’s an error " unable to format, this is a non-recordable disc".:frowning:

I saw that the Write protection function is showing “on” whenever I insert the DVD RAM. When i tried to turn it off , there’s an error message staying this step cant be performed as the DVD is a non -recordable disc.

I can write movies into the same DVD=ROM using PC, but just not my panasonic recorder. Is there a way that I can turn off the write protection function on my DVD-RAM, or there’s no way around it. I can no longer use this particular DVD-RAM on my DVD recorder?:confused:

Any advise will be much appreciated.

Have you tried re-formatting the disc on the PC?

Is this the DVD-RAM disc that came with your unit?

Hi, yes, I’ve tried formatting the dvd using my pc. but my dvd recorder would not accept the format. Normally the dvd -recorder will want to re-format the dvd ram again using its own format, but in this case, becuase the write protection is on…the dvd recorder would not even attempt to format.

I cannot remember if the DVD-Ram came with the recorder itself, but it is the same DVD-RAM which I’ve been using & reuse all these time. so I’m pretty sure it is compatible with my recorder :slight_smile:

This is southwind, & I am new to the group. I have the same problem that momiji has. I can’t turn off the disc protection on my Panasonic E55 DVD recorder. It has worked for years until just recently. I can locate it on the menu, but am unable to turn it off, & I just purchased 10 new DVD-RAM discs which will not record because of it. I have a old leftover DVD-RAM disc that still records because the protection is OFF.
HELP !!! Southwind