Help! I deleted my dvd driver

Ok, so I’m an idiot (and it was very late at night), and as I was deleting unnecessary programs on my rickety old satellite 5000 (model #PS500C-0UX1ZP), I accidentally deleted my DVD driver, which is most unfortunate since I only use this computer to watch dvds…

My searches for a new dvd driver to download have been fruitless. The toshiba website doesn’t have it available to download, and I even called tech support about this and the guy said that the only ways I can fix this are a) use my long-lost recovery disk, b) re-install everything (boooo), or c) find one elsewhere online to download… could someone please point me in the right direction here? I work night shifts on the weekends and all I have to entertain me is watching dvds on this laptop!


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, no need to get excited as matter fact you do need driver for your DVD drive you only need drive for your IDE controller and that is easy to recover, just go to Device Manage click on IDE controller that your DVD drive connected to and uninstall that reboot your computer and let the windows install the drive for that.

Thanks, I’ll try that.