Help! i corrupted my benq 1620 pro firmware



help needed… :confused: :confused: :confused:

bought it only 3 days ago, upgraded firmware to b7u9, but always get error burning dvd+r with messages like "could not perform end session… , so tried to flush back firmware to b7tu … but halfway get error !!

after reboot pc, the drive wont open and becomes “atapi dvd dl dw1600 scsi cdrom device” in Device manager!!! what happened and how to solve?

im using xp home + abit nf7 mobo.


Use winflash from

Along with the firmware

Both files are compressed with winrar so you will need winrar to uncompress them =

And see if that works.


Did you use the *.exe file or cvt file. What was the orignale firmware your drive came with