HELP! I can't flash to ZS0A!



i've disabled my UDMA, rebooted, and it just keeps saying, "Remove disc...", but there is no disc! Maybe OC FREAK or someone could lend a helping hand...?




Do you mean you have flashed to ZS0G and want to revert to ZS0A? Could you post your findings using the new firmware? I’d be very interested to know how you did!

To revert to ZS0A you must use MTKFLASH in pure DOS, which means rebooting the system and holding the Ctrl key down if you’re on Windows 98, which will bring the boot up menu to select “command prompt only”.

For Windows XP you will have to make a system boot diskette.

Then get the files MTKFLASH.EXE and ZS0A.BIN found on OC-Freak’s firmware site here. Put them on the boot diskette for Win XP or in the root directory of your hard drive if using the alternate method for Win 98.

Once in pure DOS, reflash to ZS0A:


Where [i]N[/i] is the location of your burner on the IDE chain:

1 Master on primary IDE
2 Slave on primary IDE
3 Master on secondary IDE
4 Slave on secondary IDE

After reflashing remove any diskettes and reboot the computer normally.

Hope this helps.


tut tut tut. already a bit of copying of OC’s tutorial. did u read the prelude to the thread’s first post??

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