HELP! I can't copy movies!



I’m a noob at this. I just got a LACIE d2 dvd RW drive external. I also got AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 with both the latest versions and

I used the programs and it worked when i copied some dragon ball movies. but when I tried to copy black hawk down, it writes it to my hard drive successfully. So I start with my burn with my DL DVD+R and it goes 50% and it just kinda freezes. I don’t know what’s going on? I tried looking at the LACIE website but i don’t see any drivers.

Does anyone have the same burner like me that has this problem? Do you know what I am doing wrong. It works when I have a smaller movie and burn 4.7 GB dvd+r’s… But when I try to burn a full length movie use DL discs, they burn 50% and freeze. I am running AnyDVD too and it sseems like it is working. Is there a driver I am supposed to use or is the DL discs not compatible. I just don’t understand why the DL discs would burn 50% if it were not compatible though.

If anyone knows anything, I would gladly like your input. THanks so much for your time.


In CloneDVD, did you change the target size from DVD-5 to DVD+R DL?


Yah, I did. I also specified the speed like 2 - 4x or something like that. i made sure I chose the right speed and everything too. For some reason though, it just burns to 50% and just stays there. It’s wierd. Maybe i’m a idiot and don’t know what the hell i’m doing. haha. But if you could help me, that would be cool. Do you think it might be the type/brand of disk?

One thing for sure is that it writes to my hard drive fine. (at least it seems that way) It asks me to put the media in and when it writes to the disc, it doesn’t work y’know?


Appears to be a media recognition issue since you say it burns a single layer without problems, and it only gets to 50 % on a DL disk.

That’s not a very popular drive you have so information is limited.
I don’t know what kind of DL media you are using and if it’s compatible with your drive.
Look in your manual and see what DL media is compatible, if you don’t have a manual email LaCie and ask them. I can’t find any information on what DVD+ DL media is compatible with your drive, but a safe bet would be to go with Verbatim, popular and a quality media.

There is available firmware upgrades available on their site but I’m not certain about your model # and if you’re using XP or Mac, the site information can be confusing.
You can look here
If your using XP this should be the proper firmware update.
Device Updater 2.1.0 for Windows (June 22, 2005)

Updating firmware to the latest version is important since they add new media to the list as well as correct any bugs. Check to see if you have the latest firmware but be very careful in choosing the correct firmware or you may damage your drive permanently.


hey, thanks a lot for helping me out! I really appreciate it! I have been using imation discs so maybe that’s why. I haven’t tried the verbatim ones but i guess i have to get some program that is good for compressing movies to use SL discs. I was a idiot and tried to copy the DL discs but I shouldn’t have and should’ve waited.

yah, I can’ tinstall the drivers cuz i already have XP SP2. It says i shouldn’t download it if i have it… but thanks for trying. I should use verbatim if i ever need those DL discs. How long till you think they’ll come cheap?

What compression programs do you use? I only have Clonedvd2 and anydvd along with some roxio easy media dvd.


sack 12

You are correct you should not update the firmware if you have SP2 installed.
Just goes to show you how far behind the times that company is.

“I was a idiot and tried to copy the DL discs but I shouldn’t have and should’ve waited.”
You’re not an idiot, this is the way we learn lessons in life, when it’s costly it remains in our memory banks longer.

“How long till you think they’ll come cheap?”
Hard to tell, but I personally won’t buy one until they reach 1.00.

“What compression programs do you use? I only have Clonedvd2 and anydvd along with some roxio easy media dvd.”
I only use CloneDVD and AnyDVD, although I also have DVD Decrypter installed, it’s a dead program and will never be updated.
I am not a fan of Roxio products, make sure you do not have any packet writting programs installed since they are known to cause conflicts with DVD burning programs. I believe the one that comes with Roxio is still named DirectCD, if you have it installed, uninstall it, it will save you grief.

I suggest you download the free version of DVDInfopro at
This is a utility that will quickly display the version firmware you are using.
Most important feature is, it identifies the media manufacturer codes.
Imation and the majority of other companies do not manufacture their media, they only package it with their name. Memorex for instance uses several manufacturers and many are real crap. You can use DVDInfoPro to identify the manufacturer. I suggest you read up on CD Freaks Media forum to get an idea what the good ones are.

In my opinion Tayio Yuden, Verbatim, and Maxell are the best, with Tayio Yuden leading the pack.

Hope this helps


Hey! thanks a lot for the help. I’m impressed of how much stuff you know! i just gotta keep reading up on this stuff. i will definitely download what you suggested me. i never heard of the other brand of dvd+r’s but i’ll definitely try to get a verbatim if i ever get DL discs.

By the way, i heard that there’s a website that you can download pics of the dvd display box for movies and also the disc image as well. do you know where that might be? thanks a lot man.


You’re very welcome. Please read up as much as you can it will save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run.

As I said brands of media are not manufactured by the company but rather packaged and bought from media manufacturers. By getting the best suggested by end users, you will cut down your odds of getting poor media. Even if the media did burn well, perhaps 6 months or a year from now it no longer will play properly because an inferior dye was used and it’s breaking down.

Below is a link that has some cross reference for media codes, it is not complete, and there is no DL media is listed.
The brand media is on the left, the manufacturer is to the right.
The manufacturer code is the most important. As a rule of thumb when you buy media, inspect the packaging and try to buy media that’s made in Japan, usually it’s quality.

Link for Manufactures ID Codes (MID)

You can download the display box for DVD’s and Disks at the below link.
Not all have the disks available.
Whatever you do, NEVER PUT A LABEL ON A DVD, use a sharpie to write on instead. If you like though there are printers available that can print directly on the disk, Epson I know makes some that are relatively inexpensive.
But do your homework first and read about it, I believe some take a long time to dry. Also you will need to buy media that permits you to print on it.

[font=Verdana]CD & DVD Covers
(Scroll down To DVD and select a letter the movie begins with)[/font]

The reason you should never put a label on a DVD is that they are far more sensitive to weight imbalance than a CD and can cause skipping, freezing, or not playing at all. It can also damage the laser in your stand alone DVD player.
You may read many saying they never have problems putting labels on, I can just tell you this, you’ve been warned, so choose the path you wish.

Best of luck with your DVD burning.


Isn’t that a bit of an overstatement? It’s almost like saying the DVD-Video format is dead, which is hardly the case. No, the format itself is set, it must remain unchanged to ensure playability on the millions of players already out there. And DVDDecrypter is fully capable of ripping any DVD-Video disc currently available, and shall remain so for the lifespan of the format.

What’s that, you say? What about ARccOS? Oh, alright, so a way was found to exploit the difference in the way discs are read by settops and PC drives. Not a change in the format. Easily dealt with by importing (or creating yourself) a protected sectors list into DVDDecrypter. Here’s how:

The last version of DVDDecrypter included updated PSL files. No more updates since then? Not true. Here are some PSL files:

And further info here:

And here:

And here:

Perhaps you notice there are only a few discs so far that require PSL files. They’re rather scarce. Now, there may be some discs out there for which no one has yet posted a PSL file. Dunno, but I myself have so far not come across any disc that required me to create a PSL file, it appears such releases are confined to Region 2.

DVDDecrypter dead? Nah. Nor is DVDShrink, which can still rip nearly all DVD-Video discs released so far. These two programs are mature and so useful it would be foolish to stop using them.

So what will come next in the way of copy protection for DVD-Video? Crystal balls are in short supply, so who knows? But I suspect… probably nothing. ARccOS has been so easily defeated, those concerned must ask themselves: “Is the extra expense worth it to discourage a diminishing number of people from backing up their DVDs?” Think about “The Forgotten”, Region 1. That had protection so aggressive it compromised playability on some settops. Anyone with minimal knowledge (and the initiative to visit a forum such as this) soon found out how to back it up.

Sorry, rant over. :wink:


hey itzbinnice,
thanks for helping me out again…i read that khypermedia is kinda good too…but i bought my bundle of dvd+r’s for pretty cheap and read that somewhere the quality is okay for khypermedia…do you know if it will last long???.

i downloaded the dvdinfopro too. i tried reading online on the forums on the quality of dscs and pretty much got the same as you, taiyoyuden and verbatim being top quality…

i don’t really understand dvdinfopro…i click on media and it says that the code is CMC MAG E01…i’m not sure if that is the disc code or what becasue I did put in a blank dvd+r…and does the program also tell you which codes my burner/drive accepts??? i guess i can try it out too and do the chart thing and look at the percentage and stuff. I could also do more research on which codes are good but have a harder time searching for good codes but I did find which brands are good which is the ones you told me about.

I also understand that you said No Labels on DVDs…
But doesn’t the disc screw up if there happens to be a scratch on a disc just like cd-r’s. I’m talking about the top part, because i had discs that just end up ripping off after time. i want to make like a gift and not have a disc that has only a pen marking so i guess that i could use those discs that you said were printable…Is the dvd-r’s have a stronger top than cd-r’s. it’ll suck if i have a backup and then the disc top rips off.


I wouldn’t buy Kypermedia myself. You get what you pay for, and I only buy the quality media I mentioned. I don’t have time for coasters and wasting money when I can do it right the first time.

CMC MAG E01 is the manufactures ID of the disk, this is what you look for when identifying media. You must put a blank disk in to read the code, you did it correctly.
DVDInfopro will not tell you what media is supported by your burner. The burners manual should tell you what media it prefers. Once again, use quality media and you should not have problems.

DVD’s differ from CD’s. they burn between two layers and and are not effected by top layer deterioration like CD’s where if light passes throug you have a problem.
If you are looking to make gifts, and want labels on the DVD’s then printable DVD’s are your only option along with a printer.


Ok, got it…

by the way,
do you know of any FREE program that you can download that lets you edit or should i say create you own menu for dvd’s…not trying to copy a regular movie dvd, but say like for home videos and such…i didn’t try the roxio one i got, i think it sucks and i think the program is screwed up anyway.


Sorry can’t help you there, I never had the need to create menu’s.
I believe you can do it with Nero Recode, but it’s not free.
Maybe somebody else can suggest something, if not, you can always do a Google search.


If you want freeware, you’ll need more than one program to do what you want. One advantage is you won’t have do-it-all-for-you buggy bloated programs, but you’ll need to learn more about the processes. You might get away with a simple MPEG cutter, and an authoring program, depending on original format of the home vids. Perhaps an encoder as well, Rejig to extract MPEGs from DVD, etc. Need more info to determine exactly what you’d need. Look at the “How To” section at

Basic video editing:

MPEG/DVD Editing:

DVD Authoring:
(GUI for DVDAuthor is pretty good).

Good luck. :slight_smile:


i’ve been trying to read up on some forums on nero. i’ve seen some cheap OEM versions and everyone seems to either support it or not. i just wanna know for the most part that if it is similar to the Ultra version or not. i know of all the serial numbers can be illegal or give you numbers that dont work with your drive. but for the most part, i think that the OEM suite 3 is similar to the nero ultra 6.6 retail version from what I read. Is that true???

If you do know anything, how different are they? They are just so mluch cheaper than the retail versions.