HELP! I cannot get this stupid thing to record! Please help!



FONT=Comic Sans MS]HI, :sad: I am new tonight as I am looking for help on-line and this site popped up. I am in Northern California, where it is currently 28 degrees! Very cold for this area, I have a cold, I am very grumppy because I have spent all day trying to get this thing to record. I know it’s something simple, has to be. Everything else works except for recording anything on the TV. Someone has to have an idea to share!! Please!
I am trying to get a new generic dvdr to record a tv show. My sister is in the Navy and in Iraq and I am desparate to be able to record the season opener of “24” tomorrow night. I have this thing working perfectly in every area, I can watch dvd’s, I can add plug and play games, I can plug in the camera, camcorder and see what’s there, and now, finally I can actually see one channel and record it - it is our TV guide channel. All cables are attached properly. It works, I just cannot get any other channels on the dvdr nor will it record any other channels. It says “no signal” I have the tv on the aux, has to be in order for the dvd to play or for the plug and play, so that part is all right. I must be missing some small something but have been working on it ALL DAY and am frustrated :confused: and don’t know what else to do. I have talked to two different Radio Shack employees and the pro at work, who all say I am hooked up properly and cannot understand why it isn’t working. Any one have an idea??? I need help! I need this thing to work and record 24 for her until she is sent home.
Please someone help! Any suggestions? Ideas? The remote has this button that says “source” so I hit that and it goes through all the possilbe sources that I want to use, video 1, video 2, dvd, dv, s-video, and then TV, or tuner, only channel 2 comes one. I can click on other channels, move the numbers in this section, but each one says NO SIGNAL- how can this be?? What am I missing that must be right in front of my eyes!!
thanks so much to anyone who has an idea to share! I will be so grateful!! :bow:[/FONT]


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Hi, I didn’t mean to multiple post. I was so worried about getting a post in the right spot. I grabbed the first one I found and then found the newbie forum and thought I should be here instead, well, it’s obvious I should be here! Sorry. Can I or should I delete the other one? thanks for your help. I will now check out the link you gave me. Thanks again.


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thank you, senior members are the best. And the link looks good, I have been thinking that the tv and dvdr are not communicating somehow even though all cables are hooked up as the instructions see. I am going to see if the tv has a menu or set-up mode that I can get to recognize the dvdr. And I am going to re-read all instructions. thanks so much.


OK I got it!! :flower:

i am most happy. Ended up that the dvd was on antenna, I finally found the place in set-up to change it to catv, then had to “add” the channels, did not even think that was something that needed to be done. I remember having to do that in about 2000 to a tv to get it to recognize all the cable channels, haven’t had to do that on other tv’s nor on a dvd player, but this off-brand dvdr needed it. So all is working, my sister will get her season opening of “24” and all is right with the world, right now. 1-14-07 @ 12:50AM.

thanks for everything. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: