Help!. I can´t make a valid vcd for CDi player



Nero fails.
Easy cd creator 3.0 and 3.5 fails.
WInoncd 3.0 fails.
(at least in my CDi player).

How can burn it?. My 2 "Matrix" mpeg1 file is


Hi Andy,

use Easy CD Creator. Make your Video CD ready and then …
click on Video CD -> Properties
There should be a folder called “CD-I Application”. There’s only one checkbox here. Make sure that it is selected.
Now burn the CD and put it in CD-I !! I have tried it myself and it really works. (The Matrix is a really cool movie by the way)

Good Luck, DoeHetZelver


Well ‘Andy’ if you want more info about vcd’s check this site:
good luck, MF

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Yes, it works!, but…
5 minutes after playing the movie the player
hangs. ???


Finally works!!!.

The burning software was right. The problem
was flaskmpeg 0.52.
Before burn, i have demux with vcdcutter
the audio and video, and re-coded with
Xing mpeg encoder. Now the CDi don´t crash
and the rewind and foward buttons appears.
Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english.