Help i am new probs with my wmp

i bought an album from the tescos website and i have to play each track before i can burn them but it won’t play then it keep coming up with ths error

WMPLAYER caused an invalid page fault in
module INDIVBOX.KEY at 017f:0250cf68.
EAX=00000090 CS=017f EIP=0250cf68 EFLGS=00010216
EBX=01a80000 SS=0187 ESP=0984e01c EBP=0984e058
ECX=01a7fc44 DS=0187 ESI=00001f9a FS=797f
EDX=0984e090 ES=0187 EDI=02536784 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
88 11 e9 35 fd ff ff 8b 45 08 0f b6 08 8b 55 fc
Stack dump:
0000007a 0000003d 000001a7 0000007a 00000085 00000090 000000cc 000000cc 00000090 0000004f 0000006f 000000f0 0000004f 0000002a 0984e06c 0984e350

any ideas cheers

Google INDIVBOX.KEY and you will get your answer.
It’s a DRM Digital Rights Management related message. Too many references for me to read this late at night :slight_smile:

tried searching but didn’t really get any help

i managed to listen to one track and then after that couldn’t get it to do anything without that error coming up and the wmp shutting down

I can try to help but I need some info.
Is this a standard music cd or are the files in mp3 or wma format?
Are you aware of any copy protection on the disc?
Why do you have to play the music first.
If WMP craps out why not try Media player classic or something else?
Why can’t you just copy the disc using the copy cd feature of Nero?

Based on that quick google search, you are not alone with this problem. In the meantime I’ll see if I can find some relevant posts.

its in wma format and to get the licence you have to play the file first them you can copy them onto cd or put them on my mp3 player i have tried going back to basic player and updating i am just p*ssed off because i payed for this stuff but thanks for the help i have asked tescos for help aswell but no joy

OK! You have protected wma files. You must be trying to use the method described on this site for users who hold a valid license key and wish to convert their audio to mp3 or another format under fair use. Laws vary in every country so it’s up to the individual to know if their country supports fair use.

Link… Backing up validly licensed protected wma

I am new to this site but other boards I belong to generally uphold fair use provisions similar to backing up DVD’s you own for your personal use.

Is this the method you are following?

If yes then maybe your key file is damaged or invalid and the vendor should be able to help you with that. I’m far from an expert in this area but upon a very quick read I thought I saw that the license assigns itself to a particular computer when first activated. Did you make any major changes to your windows OS or hardware since first activating the disc.
I could be way off base because I really skimmed over this stuff very quickly. There are many related problem threads.

cheers i will look into the stuff you have given me so far

Another thread but this one is on this forum.

cdfreaks discussion and possible wma conversion methods

The first link in that thread is a joke but read the rest there may be something of value.