HELP I AM A nOOb, What to use to hack a PS2?



Hey guys,

I am new here have been wanting to hack my PS2 for a while just haven’t. Well I have a v1-3 PS2 and was wondering what is the best non-solder way to hack this sucker. Is SwapMagic 3.8 the best or is a Plugin mod-chip the way to go? Is there any Plugin Mod-Chip that works for this verison of PS2? Pros Cons Help I need some info on what I sould purchase and where is the safest Cheapest best place to buy SwapMagic or a MOd-Chip?


The only no-mod option you’ve got is the Slide Card and Swap Magic combo.

I don’t know of any plug-in modchips for the PS2. There [I]was[/I] one modchip that only involved soldering one wire but I suppose that’s not what you’re looking for. :disagree:

Before I can recommend where to buy your Swap Magic and Slide Card combo, you need to tell me where you’re based. Are you in the UK or the US?


Hey Man thanks for getting back with me I am in the US and what Modchip are you talking about that you only have to solder one wire? And will that ModChip work for a PS2 v1-3?


That was the old Neo Key which is worthless by today’s standards. It was one of the very first mod methods that came out for the PS2. The Swap Magic or HD Advance are really your only two options with a console that old. You will need to install a flip-top lid in order to use them but that usually isn’t too difficult. HD Advance on the other hand allows you to put in certain IDE PC Harddrives and run the games from there. You will need a network adapter in addition to the discs and the computer HD though and some PC HDs will not work. So it all depends with which one of the two you want to go with.


Why install a Flip-Top lid when he can simply use the Slide Card/Slide Tool to swap discs? :confused: Swapping discs with the Slide Card isn’t that difficult you know. And it doesnt involve cracking open your PS2 console. :disagree:

P!mPdOG, seeing as you’re in the US and I’m in the UK, I can’t recommend any sites for you to buy Swap Magic and a Slide Card/Flip-Top from based on my own experiences.

However, I [I]have[/I] had a look at and there are a list of sites there from a number of locations that sell the Swap Magic software as well as the Slide Card and Flip-Top lids. You might want to have a look through all of the links at the bottom of this page:

Like Jesterrace touched upon, your only other alternative is to buy a Network Adapter, buy a Hard Drive and get the HD Advance software so that you can boot up your games from the Hard Drive. :wink:


Hey Thanks guys, I will at some point soon pick up a new PS2 Slim so I can get a Plugin Modchip. I am going to order from they seem to be a little cheaper for the Swapdisc set w/slide card and S&H is only 3.95.

Was I reading somewhere that you can hold down the eject button for like 5-10 seconds and your reset button will turn orange and your disctray will open giving you enough time to switch your disc? Has anyone head this or tried that with swapmagic?


This rumour was proven wrong many years ago.

I’ve been using the Slide Card and Swap Magic combo on my v4 PS2 for 3-4 years now and I can categorically say that you can take as much time as you like to swap your discs. :iagree: