HELP! HP DVD Writer 640b Dual Layer disk problem

I’ve got the Hp DVD writer 640B,(which is actually the HLGWA-4162B from LG OEM version) that no longer recognizes +R Dual LAyer disks from any manufacturer. It burns Everything else fine but just doesn’t recognize that a dual layer disk is even there. The weird thing is, when I double click the drive in the My Computer window on XP SP2, it just goes to a blank screen instead of asking you to insert a disk in the drive. Anybody have any ideas? I’ve tried HP Support, and quite frankly, they’re useless. Nothing works. HELP!!!

You must use a REAL burning app for DVDs, even more for DL!!!

Dude hate to tell you, but it ain’t the app. Doesn’t matter what I use, Nothing, and I mean nothing, recognizes a Dual layer disk. Nero, DVD shrink, Copy to DVD, etc. All tried and failed. Tried deleting filters to, no result. I think the Drive is FUBARd.

What exaxct DL media have you tried with?

An LG GWA is OEM, could be that DL burning is disabled by the firmware.

Verbatim - Worked
Memorex- Didn’t work with DL but RW from same company will.
Fujifilm- Didn’t work

Meaning it worked before, but won’t work now.???

Memorex and Fujifilm DL discs are probably the same stuff = RITEKD01.

Touchdown!!! I got it guys!!! Tried another Verbatim Disk and we’re burning as we speak!!! Thanks for your suggestions though. Greatly appreciated!!! :smiley: On another note, You geniuses(No sacasm at all intended or otherwise) No anything about the Recovery Partion on an HP PAvillion 720N? I wanna try Installing a copy of Windows Vista But I also wann get rid of that damn partion. I’m Trying to ISO it to a DL DVD right now,(the whole point of the original post.) Will it work? or can I go in and some how edit the registry to allow reburning it? i lost my originals, GRRR…

You are not allowed to even have that yet unless your are an MSDN member under NDA… :cop:

LOL :bigsmile: I know. I checked already. Don’t even have a cracked copy. Just getting ready for when it does come out.