(Help) How to switch back from 451S@832S (VS0A) to 451S?

Apologise for my “silly” question but for some reasons I need to switch back my 451S@832S Fw VS0A to 451S last LiteOn revision delivery.

Where can I find info and/or utilities to do that?

Maybe what I’m asking you is an already discussed contents ( :o ), but I was unable to find info about.

Thanks in advance to everyebody that will help me, :bow:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Just download the GSB7 from my site, under the 451S heading (follow the link in my signature to the firmware page). Flash GSB7 to your drive and then get the official firmware GSB9 from Liteon’s site and then flash that to the drive…

WOW very fast !!!

Thank a lot for your answer …

I’ll try to explain what understood because Inglish is not my native language and I always have some dubts to perform wrong actions.

Well, in principle I have to download:


and then


Uncompress both files and the first activate “451S.GSB7.patched-rs.exe” to switch back to 451S and then “GSB9.exe” to update to the last official Fw.

Is it right?
It is very simple!

Thanks again,

Exactly right. Go to the top of the class. :slight_smile: