Help, how to rip audio files to PC!

HEY GUYS CAN YOU HELP ME OUT, I wanna rip a AUDIO CD but it is copright protected.

It only lanuches the websites everytime i put it in the PC.

Look here this is what it looks like when i open the cd!

The CD is from t5he band called August Burns Red, i wanna make a back up of it, and RIP it TO MY PC!

What should i do guys! :slight_smile:

Use something like iTunes. Have iTunes open when you insert the CD. Cancel anything the CD starts up. The CD should appear in iTunes and you should be able to rip it. I use dBPowerAmp Music Converted myself. It freezes any auto-play functionality.

Also, turn off auto-play on your drive.

Try EAC or my favorite feurio!

Another suggestion for ya, have AnyDvD running in the background before you put any retail cd of dvd in your drive. I am sure you’ve heard of the Sony fisasco with there cd’s. And yes AnyDvD will decrypt protected audio CDs.

:cool: :cool: