Help! How to index an MP3 Data CD?

My DVD player (CyberHome 402) has the facility to playback MP3 CDs and I am keen to use this function for party music. I have tried to use NeroMix to change the natural (alphabetic) order of the MP3 files burned and it seems to really screw things up. I get duplicate files and all sorts of problems (like breaks and skips).

As a newbie to creating MP3 discs I culd sure use some help from those with experience here please. Is there a better program to use for this purpose? I really wanted a simple drag n drop like you get when creating an audio CD in Nero.

Also, is there anywhere I can download better skins for NeroMix as the standard offering is a little uninspiring (in my view).



I always use Nero (no mix) for the job and that works just fine! (or Nero eXpress)

Problem remains even using Nero 5.5 as I cannot seem to change the order that MP3 files are written to disk :confused:

Always had the same problem,am now looking for a DVD/MP3 player that has shuffle mode,and full file display capability…

Easy CD Creator Platinum allows you to change the physical ordering of the files on the CD. Maybe you could try it out and see if it meets your purpose.