Help! How to handle the decompressed content of ratdvd?

With some trouble I downloaded a large video file in what I know now to be ratdvd format. I knew nothing about it then and thought it was a rar-file, that was simply to be uncompressed. I used winrar and got the content (xml ifo and xvo files). Because of lack of hard disc space I deleted the ratdvd-file permanently and trusted that friends who know something about xml will help me get vob files from xvo-files.
Can anybody help?
I can’t get the original file any more…
How to reconstruct the original file from its content. I tried a zip-file with and without compression but ratdvd would only give the message
“File Version not supported”

I will be happy if I can get the film in any possible way. I could hear the xvo-files with VLC but couldn’t see anything!!
Thanks in advance