Help! How to flash a Sony Crx195e1 to ltr-48125w



How to flash a Sony Crx195e1 to ltr-48125w
Gees. I’ve been losing my mind reading all day and still don’t know whats the best 48125w version to update to, I read on the site that vs02 was the best is this true or is there a better. I just want to turn my 40x sony crx195e1 to a lite-on 48x. I also looked for most of different ltr-48125w firmware verisons and cant find anyone but the vs0d which I beleive is no good for my case? If someone has the files can you please email them to me.
I will appreciate any help. Thanks for you time. Borismaster.


There are probably a lot of very old posts about VS02. I think that you should just use the latest firmware, VS0D.


Do you know if vs0d works without problems? Thanks.


Ok. I updated to vs04 then vs0D. I tried burning a movie using nero and its a coaster. Noticed also that the drive has trouble playing svcds. Should I have smart-burn enabled? cause it is. It reads music cd’s fine and data also. It also speeds up a lot diffrently, when playing a divx movie off a cd, its flying the whole time, quite annoying. Would appreciate any help. Thanks


Did the drive have problems befroe you flashed it?


I think the drive is working fine. I tried the svcd’s that I tried to play in it on another drive and also didn’t work, So I was wrong about that. My burn time for a full 700mb cd is 2:58. I burned like 6 cd’s and all work fine. The drive is reading fine. Thanks for your help.