Help! How to copy a "Tagès" protected game? (Beyond Good&Evil German Version)

Hail to all CDfreaks out there.

Today I got the game Beyond Good&Evil (German) and I wanted to copy it.
The first thing about it was a warning on the cover, that this game is using a technical copyprotection.
I tried to figure out what protection Ubisoft has used.
But surprise, surprise Clony XXL and any other protection scanner I used didn’t find any protection - only thing Clony found are Dummy Files.
So I investigated the CDs themselfs. (there are 3 of them)
And I found this marking on the inner ring of the CDs:
MPO 5002477CD1(to 3) 10 NOV 03 @07
This sounded bad to me 'cause MPO developed the copyprotection Tagès. :Z

To cut a long story short, who can tell me how to make a working copy of a game which is protected by Tagès

But I want a real working copy , not one that works only as a Demo - this is what Tagès allowes and wants. To make you hot and buy the game.

:bow: Arakune:bow:

right now there is not program that can officially backup tages…i think some companies are working on it (ie vso).

had the same problem with the same game - but just as an info: look @ cd number 3 (the play cd), there is a really lilltle RING on the cd, nearly 10mm from the outer edge of the cd (don’t know how to say right in english … :wink:
you have to search but you will find it if light is good…
had the same problem with ufo: aftermath (german) - but the ring on this is nearly 3 mm big, this one even a blind guy would see… :wink:
no chance to copy that @ the moment, cause i found out that every cd reader can just read the cd to this RING, not behind - but there is neccesary data which has to be read, but bw and alc both failed reading more than to the ring.
and one more tip: for a “better” non-working copy try reading the cd with bw 4.5.7 (sub channels ON, alternative read mode ON) @ 1x speed - then (and only with 1x speed) bw will find this damn ring and report ecs (or similar, doesnt know right now) errors… and if that is not prove enough for the ring, you can run BWAbuilder and you will see the spike to zero at 24,5 % …
just try it, in future you will often have to find out TAGES on many games I THINK…

For now its not possible.

I think more and more games in the future will have protections like Tages, Starforce 3 and the new Protect CD.
But this is the chance that also more effort will be taken in beating this kind of protections - and I think some people are very close to the solutions.

May be

Deus Ex has no ring on it, that I could see it says METATEC on the inside ring. YaPs said it was securerom new but the securerom identifier said it wasn’t a securerom exe. Anyone know anything about this?

with wich program can you read an cd backwards ? it was posted somewhere in this forum ,but now i can not find it back anymore does somebody know wich trhead it was ?

Maybe its this one??