HELP! How to change face plate on BQ 1620



Hey All… Well I guess you folks now can deal with BigMike7 a.k.a. Satch and myself as we have now both purchased a 1620. Although I went with the beige one that had a $10.00 re-bate last week from the egg. Problem is that I have this piece of SH_T HP and the tab for engaging the tray doesn’t quite make it to the drive itself. The drive did come with an extra black face cover with a larger tab to push for the tray. But for the life of me, I can’t get the Beige one off. Don’t want to force it and break the dang thing. It’s got to be something simple that I’m over looking. Sure would appreciate a little guidence with this. My 50yr old brain is running out of ideas besides a hammer. I’m crazy but not stupid. So can anyone give me any tips? I’m really anxious to see what this bad boy will do. Also it came with B7L9 F/W. Is this any good? Or should I be flashing to something better? Thanks a ton to any and all replys.



Done it many times but never on a BenQ. :wink:

Okay, if your drive is mounted pull it out for 1-2", open tray.
There are 4 clamps attached into drive casing you have to release by pushing with a small screwdriver at the openings for clamps fixture. Se pic attached
(Edited, because there are only 4 clamps IIRC.)

Then the rest will be given… :slight_smile:


Well the first thing to do is power up the drive and eject the tray, then remove the tray’s bezel.

Now with the drive removed from the computer their are clips on each side of the drive, just use something like a screwdriver and push them in so the raised edges are no longer catching on the metal (its a little bit tricky to get all of them) and it will then pop off.

B7L9 is fairly old, B7V9 in the newest.

Edit: Pinto2 beat me to it but I have removed the bezels from BenQ’s there’s nothing special to it, the hardest part was putting the trays bezel back on which was quite finicky and awkward.


Thanks for filling in about the tray. :slight_smile: I thought the tray front was removable…

Edit. Checked my tray front and it’s removable. But the material in tray is rather thin (weak), so you better be careful while removing this front not braking the tray in two.

OMG, just realized 8T8 and I are talking about same thing with different names; tray front <–> = tray bezel… :o

BTW, how is tray fixed in “position” on BenQ drives?


Hey pinto2 & 8t8… Thanks for your quick replys but I stopped, had a smoke and gave it a little thought and wala. I got it. Didn’t realize at first that you needed to take the bezel or what ever you want to call it. Far as I’m concerned it’s the fricken cover on the tray. But it must come off first in order to snap the rest of the cover off. And pinto to answer your question the front plate just slides over some tabs on the tray itself. So my old fart brain got er done. But thank you both very much for responding.:bigsmile:



Yo Sportsmell-

Surprised that you could do this “brain surgery” type operation without the big guy assisting - especially knowing how mechanically challenged you are-



Ya well Satch if ya didn’t gab like a woman on the phone things could get accomplished. Now go back to your other thread and look at the FABULOUS (NOT) 1st burn results I just got. First impression for me isn’t good.