HELP! How to burn with LOWER speeds?




I have a 1653SX external USB drive with the original CS07 firmware (there are no firmwares available for the 1653SX as yet) and I have some Bulkpaq 8x DVD-Rs and these fantastic Phillips 4x DVD+RWs (Ritek 004 048). Now, I would like to burn some DVDs to play in my XBox, since I have a Thompson drive in the box, which would not read my CDRs. However, DVDs burned at speed 4 and higher give my Thompson drive major reading problems, so I would like to slow it down to 1-2x. However, the current firmware does not seem to support any speeds LOWER than 4x. While the discs state 1-8 and 1-4 respectively (I suspect it is 1, 2.4 and 4 for the RWs), the drive only gives me 4x, 6x and 8x for the DVD-Rs and 4x for the DVD+RWs. What can I do?



you can’t burn lower than 4x. the drive does not support lower speeds.


Maybe switching media can help


i you got some decent media instead Bulkpaq rubbish you mite not have these problems, what mid code are they? use dvd identifier to check if they say TYG02 then they are fakes read this thread


Just an idea, I have no idea if it will work :slight_smile:

Prepare ISO and burn it with freeware DVD Decrypter, you can select write speed.
You might waste a blank, your call …


chok0: Thanks a lot. That’s all the information I needed. Too bad, though. :frowning: Do you think a firmware upgrade would help? I currently have the latest CS0K running.

abalone: Tried a few, but they all seem to be 4 or higher for the burner.

ako: Thanks for the info! I was not even aware that there were fake Taiyo Yuden. These bastards!!! :a Is that even legal?!? :cop: So far, the Bulkpaq burned surprisingly well and I get them pretty cheap (0.25p per disc incl p+p). Not a single coaster so far, I only had to throw some away, because they are not readable in my bloody thompson xbox :Z . Do you know Memorex DVD+Rs 8x? Cheers!

Goudo: Thats fine and perfectly safe. No coasters. It will still burn with 4x+ though, no matter what you set.


no firmware update will help. the drives does not support lower burn speeds than 4x. i also think that the write quality below 4x will not be as good as faster than 4x.


chok0: Thanks. So you think it is the way I prepared the DVDs that is the reason the xbox cant read them?


i think you have only one option left:
have you tried +r discs with booktype to dvd-rom? run a test burn @4x.
your xbox-drive could be the biggest problem. it’s the worst drive for reading burnt discs.


Some DVD-R and some DVD+R are readable (mostly Bulkpaq and Memorex respectively), but not always and the readability is variable at best. Best results so far I had with the Phillips DVD+RW 4xspeed, but even then, I often have to copy it down onto the drive in order to get it working properly (directly from the box, though - not via cable). I always use the DVD-ROM book-type. That is best for readability, no? Thanks!