HELP: How to 2 DVDs into one?




I just bought my first DVDWriter NEC2500 yesterday and i manged to successfully burn a movie win cloneDVD 2053 !
It played perfectly on my old trusty Sony 725 . .YAHOOooo !

I used x4 DVD-R DATASAFE (ritekg04) with Herries custom FW 1.07beta on the NEC2500. It took me approx 13 min to complete burn.

My next project is to backup my copy of Lord of the Rings and i need help.

The movie comes on 2 Discs and i would like to make a single disc backup with minimum features. How can i combine 2 DVDs to make one ? Can this be done with clonDVD or do i need some other tools ? Any guides ou there ?


I have the same question. This seems like a fairly essential task, but no discussion of it anywhere in the manual. Surely, someone out there can help? I tried reading the 2 discs (for Gangs of New York), leaving out the menus and extras, saving ISO’s to hard Drive. Then, when back in Clone DVD, I found that there is only one option for choosing the source material. Thus, there was no way for me to get the 2 different files onto the same write. Isn’t there a way to do this?


Putting a 2 sided DVD togther


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do i need some other tools ? Any guides out there ?
2 or > DVD-videos on 1 DVD±R


I will take a look at those links !