HELP: How to 2 DVDs into 1?

I want to backup my copy of Lord of the Rings and i need help.

The movie comes on 2 Discs and i would like to make a single DVD backup with minimum features. Im prepared to accept some quality loss.

How can i combine 2 DVDs to make one ?
Can this be done with clonDVD2/copyDVD2 or do i need some other tools ? Any guides out there ?

you can look in the guides section of this forum to see how to do this with dvdshrink. if you’d rather use another program besides dvdshrink to do your transcoding/reencoding, you can use ifoedit to do the joining by using the guide in this link titled “Joining double sided DVDs to 1 DVD-R” (same principles as joining two separate dvds).

Nice one mate !