HELP how do you unerase a CD/RW?

Please help
i did a fast erase in Nero, but had the wrong cdrw in the drive.
now a lot of data is lost, and i am trying to get it back but no luck yet.

is there anyone who could help me PLEASE???
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I came up with this from Google:

Q. I accidentally “quick-erased” my CD-RW - help!
A. Unfortunately, quick-erase is more of a hardware thing than a software one. Unlike a hard disk all of which can always be read, a CD-RW can only be read where the drive believes there is data. The firmware of the drive prevents any read beyond that point. Quick-erase resets this point to the beginning of the disc, which prevents any of the data from being read. Special or modified hardware is required to read these discs. Please contact us for more information about this.

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Good luck!

Thanks for your help Farad.

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