Help! How do I use AnyDVD..?



I have the free copy of AnyDVD and a nero cd the lets me copy DVDs. I want to make a back up of my DVD movie collection that are store bought but not sure how to do this. I want it to be a exact copy of that dvd with all features and everything. Could someone please tell me how to do this and any tips or hints that you might have would be helpful. Thanks in advance for this.


I assume you mean it’s a trial copy good for 21 days? What version Nero do you have?


If they’re exact copies with no removal of extras & no compression then Nero is not the way as mostly you’re talking about using dual layer media.

Get DVD Decrypter & rip the disc to an ISO image file - you must be using NTFS as the file system for this - and then burn that image file to the DL media using ImgBurn. Both these can be found with a simple google search.

If the original will fit on a single layer disc then the same process should be followed.

Verbatim is the only DL media worth using.

I didn’t know there was a free copy of AnyDVD , there is a 30day trial.


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AnyDVD (21 day trial). :iagree:
CloneCD for one2one backups. :clap: