Help! how do I know what media this is?

I have been buying brand Memorex DVD +R discs for some time.

After a DVD identifier scan, I found they were actually made by ‘Ritek Data’

Recently, I purchased another 50 pack of the SAME discs

after getting coasters I did a DVD identifier scan
and found they were made by “CMC Magnetics” not "Ritek’

Solved the coaster problem by burning at 4x instead of 8x
but whats the point when the Ritek burned at 8x fine.


Both were MEMOREX brand, but different discs.
How do I know what manufacture I am buying now?

probably the best thing to do is to stay away from memorex brand disc’s altogether. prior to buying them and checking them there is no reliable way to know what disc’s you are getting from memorex.

Buying Memorex is like buying a pig in a polk, you don’t know what you have till you get home and open it. However I have found the ones that have Made in India to be very good with Nec and Benq drives. Low amount of PIFs most under 200 and max spike is 7 or 8.