HELP! How do I install Windows XP on a SCSI drive with an Adaptec 2100S RAID card?

I have a SCSI drive that uses an Adaptec 2100S RAID card and I can’t do a fresh install of Windows XP Professional on the SCSI drive! I formatted and partitioned the drive and try to install Windows XP, but, at the end of setup when the computer reboots and Windows XP is suppossed to continue the installation, it just starts all over from the beginning of setup again! Can someone please help me? Do I have to install the Adaptec card drivers? If so, how do I do that? I gave up and finally installed Windows XP on an IDE drive, but, I really need it on my SCSI drive… please help me.



Is this internal or external? Do you have your drive terminated correctly? Make sure your drive isn’t termanted on the same SCSI ID as the card? Did you set your BIOS to boot SCSI first? Have you set your SCSI drive to Master?

Give these a try and see if one works

Hey Hossmonkey! My three SCSI drives are internal. Yes, I have my first SCSI drive in the sequence as my C: drive (the one I’m trying to install the OS on), and I had “SCSI” set as the first boot device in my mobo BIOS. But none of that seems to make a difference. I know my terminator is working properly too, because, my SCSI drives are working right now as I type this reply. Do you have anymore suggestions? Thanks.


Do you have ICQ? Maybe if you explain it in more detail or if I ask the right questions we can get this running?

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Wipe the SCSI HD you wanna install WinXP on in another system 1st (unless you wanna use the one in WinXP’s installation process), get the SCSI card’s driver ready, start WinXP install process from boot or DOS, hit F6 to bring up 3rd party driver installation window, install SCSI card driver, continue WinXP installation. Since there’s no native WinXP driver for your card, just use the one for Win2K.

I was also going to ask if you’ve flashed the card to BIOS 1.62, they state that this resolves some conflicts with newer boards … this was in january of 2003 so … you may even have a newer board than what the BIOS was ment for, but always a good idea to flash to the most resent BIOS.

From what you’ve stated I think your formatting with WINXP & you need to install the adaptec drivers first … well I could go on but I think it best you get the most resent drivers & BIOS update & read this:

Thanks guys… I’m going to try what you said. I just have another question. Do I load the newly downloaded Windows 2000 drivers and then just stick them on a floppy and then just insert the floppy after I press F6 during the third party driver installation window? I’m guessing the system will then see the drivers on the floppy and then just install them… do I have to do anything else after that? Please let me know…



Follow Stoner’s advice on the F6 and it will prompt you during the install.